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How to Set up a New Router for your Dubai Home - Replacing Etisalat DIR850L-

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If you are not happy with your Etisalat  router DIR 850L and your internet is slow.  Don't worry we can use latest technology routers. You need  pick any new AC series router from Netgear, Linksys, DLINK or TP Link etc. . Also verify that the manufacturer model support VLAN. This is very important.

DIR 850L

These are the 802.11ac series router
1. AC1200
2. AC 1900
3. AC2600
3. AC 2900
4. AC3200
5. AC5400

Step 1. Login to your Existing Router  and Go to WAN interface setup and note down your VLAN id
 Step 2.  login to the website using your Etisalat Elife credentials to the below website to verify your user name and password is correct.

 If you are able to login to the website that means your user name and password are correct.

Step 3.  Connect your new router.

           1. Select Network- Internet - Choose PPoE and Enter user name and password
           2. Choose advance option  Enable VLAN and Enter VLAN ID

I have shown TP Link  & dlink settings. For other models needs to perform MAC address clone as well.

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How to Prevent Ransomware Attack, virus removal service dubai UAE, anti virus company dubai

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How to Prevent Ransomware Attack.
 1. Educate your Employees- security awareness training and do risk assessment
2. Enable Email security like spam filtering, Sender Policy Framework, DMARC and DKIM to prevent email threats.
3. Strong policy to scan inbound email attachments for malicious code, quarantine files from reaching end users.
4. Firewalls with UTM subscriptions to block malicious traffic
5. Always use End Point Security and do regular scan on the end user devices.
6. Limit the use of elevated privileged accounts (admin accounts) .These accounts should never be used for business end user logins.
7. Create specific access rights to those who need, use, know or are the custodians of the data.
8. Restrict software from executing without permission with the use of security policies.
9. Categorize your data according to  critical information, and take preventive measures for protecting critical business data.
10. Build a sound business recovery plan & insist on regular backup.

IT Sales Company in Dubai UAE, Best Computer Sales Shop In Dubai, Laptop Sales Dubai UAE

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We serve as a link between the customer and the supplier, and effectively meet the needs of both parties. We recognize the needs of the consumer and provide detailed information to the consumer about the technical specifications of the computer hardware/software offered. We are responsible for negotiating a price for the sale that is beneficial for the consumer and the supplier, and providing adequate technical support for the merchandise after it is purchased.

We do,

  •  Servers
  •  Laptops & Desktops
  •  Monitors, Printers
  •  Switches, Firewall

Security Surveillance System
  •  Security Cameras
  •  DVR’s
  •  Access Control/ Time & Attendance

Audio Visual
  •  Projectors
  •  Home Theater system
  •  Digital Signage
  •  Video Conferencing

  •  Microsoft Products
  •  Antivirus
  •  ERP
  •  Accounting Softwares etc