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If you are not happy with your home  router DIR 850L and your internet is slow.  Don't worry we can use latest technology routers. You need  pick any new AC series router from Netgear, Linksys, DLINK or TP Link etc. . Also verify that the manufacturer model support VLAN. This is very important.

DIR 850L

These are the 802.11ac series router
1. AC1200
2. AC 1900
3. AC2600
3. AC 2900
4. AC3200
5. AC5400

Step 1. Login to your Existing Router  and Go to WAN interface setup and note down your VLAN id
 Step 2.  login to the website using your Etisalat Elife credentials to the below website to verify your user name and password is correct.

 If you are able to login to the website that means your user name and password are correct.

Step 3.  Connect your new router.

           1. Select Network- Internet - Choose PPoE and Enter user name and password
           2. Choose advance option  Enable VLAN and Enter VLAN ID

I have shown TP Link  & dlink settings. For other models needs to perform MAC address clone as well.

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